Rinse, Wash, Dry Clean, IronAll Services On Your Demand For Your Laundry

become a Laundry Man

Does your dinner gown need a dry clean? Or your dinner jacket? Do you need crisp sheets for your bed? Or a stubborn stain that will not go? We deliver all your laundry as you requested – by tapping the app

Get all your laundry done with CUBELAUNDRY for a fresh and fragrant service


Laundry And Linen Solutions At Your Doorstep

Bed linen or towels, hospital linen or hotel, uniforms to party wear, formal to casual, we are your one stop laundry and linen solution.  No matter how dirty it is, no matter how deep the stain, no matter how big the load, just tap on the app and wash your worries away. 

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    Reliable, Prompt And Service With A Smile

    If your washing machine is busted, or you do not really fancy all that washing and ironing on your only weekend this month, fret not. Our reliable, friendly and efficient laundry will pick up all your dirty clothes, wash, iron them, and return them back to you within 24 hours. Click on the app now and let us worry about your wash.

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    Guaranteed Laundry For A Sensible Price

    When you get your laundry done by us, you will be amazed at how much it costs you. High-quality washes, ironing, dry cleaning and delivery all for the price of an apple and an egg! It surely cannot get any better!

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    Fragrant, Fresh And Fast

    A laundry service that only we can give in the shortest possible time. No need to fill bags to take to the Laundromat, no need to look for coins to put in them, no drying, no ironing, just tapping. Get your laundry done by the best with the best for the best, you.  We will leave you fragrant and fresh, today and always.


Tap the app, select a driver, get to your destination without looking back. That is what our app will do. No words are necessary when you ride with us because we know exactly what you want. Ride and save with us – luxury cannot get any cheaper.